Human Metabolism

The translational core is headed by Dr. Shapses.  Services include:

  • Subject recruitment
  • Scheduling and Coordination of ‘add-on’ studies
  • Behavioral and dietary weight loss groups for research studies
  • Body composition (anthropometrics, skinfolds, BIA for body fat, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry for total and visceral fat, lean and bone compartments)
  • Medical screening, blood draws, urine collection
  • Physical activity monitoring (actometers)
  • Questionaires and analysis of individual dietary intake; analysis of food intake data , consumer-bases assessment of dietary patterns and preferences
  • Questionaires and analysis of physical activity
  • Community contacts
  • Access to special research populations (e.g. severely obese, obese families, binge-eaters, cohorts of school children and their parents)
  • Exercise interventions
  • Sensory Evaluation (formal taste test and laboratory food intake studies)
  • Indirect Calorimetry