Update on Rationale for Low Carbohydrate Diets. Medical Grand Rounds, NJ Academy of Med

NJ Obesity Group: 1. Presentations /Lobbying in Washington, DC for Rutgers Univ. Nutrition/Obesity Initiative at offices of Senators & Congressmen. 2. Presentation to Bristol Meyers Squibb.

– Weight Loss: Calcium, hormones & bone metabolism Cullman Lab. for Cancer Res., NJ

– Obesity Influences Body Composition – Changes in body fat distribution during weight reduction at the 9th International Conference on In Vivo Body Composition,  Hangzhou, China

Why Calcium for Weight loss; is there evidence for more? Nutrition Week, Orlando FL


Initiated – Obesity (11:015:427), taught every other year, provides a series of state-of-the-art lectures by obesity researchers followed by a discussion period to enable the students to understand the multifactorial etiology of the epidemic, the treatment and public policy approaches that are being used in the obesity research community to combat the disease


NJOG has become more accessible to the public and faculty frequently respond to questions from the media (i.e., state newspapers, magazines and the associated press) and from individuals in NJ via our website and brochure. Outreach activities of NJOG include advising New Brunswick Tomorrow, a non-profit organization that provides health-related support to the community.These efforts resulted in funding of the Healthier New Brunswick 2010 initiative to conduct studies on physical activity in the New Brunswick after-school program.  A full page special report for Gannett Newspapers, February 7th, 2005 reported on NJ Obesity Group!  In addition, NJOG members serve the community through free weight loss counseling and participation in annual health fairs.

Publications From NJOG Feasibility Grants:

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Research / Outreach Specific Goals:

  1. To identify populations at risk for complications of obesity in N.J.;
  2. To support outreach programs promoting healthy habits for underprivileged children and mothers in the state
  3. To determine ways to help prevent obesity related diseases in the growing and often neglected older and elderly population in NJ
  4. To understand common pathways that may cause both obesity and its comorbidities (basic studies).