Human Metabolism Collaborative Methods

Faculty expertise can assist with the following (also see the Rutgers NExT Center at the NJ-IFNH for more information):

  • Behavioral and dietary weight loss groups for research studies
  • Body composition (anthropometrics, skinfolds, BIA for body fat, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry for total and visceral fat, lean and bone compartments)
  • Questionnaires and analysis of individual dietary intake; analysis of food intake data , consumer-bases assessment of dietary patterns and preferences
  • Questionnaires and analysis of physical activity
  • Indirect calorimetry and VO2max
  • Exercise interventions
  • Sensory Evaluation (formal taste test and laboratory food intake studies)
  • OWLE (osteoporosis, weight loss and endocrine) dataset  OWLE Data Set – NIH trials for secondary analysis

Sue Shapses, Ph.D., R.D. – Professor, Dept. Nutritional Sciences, Rutgers