Neuroendocrine and Lipid Biology

This core can serve as a source of consultants to university and industry researchers who wish to apply their expertise to obesity-related problems or test novel agents (e.g. drugs, functional foods or nutriceuticals in animals or humans). The metabolism/lipid core has expertise in methodology such as tissue and organ culture, assays of hormones and metabolites, and determination of lipid, carbohydrate and amino acid transport and metabolism in vitro and in vivo.   We can also measure body composition by DXA in mouse (Piximus) and other rodents or larger animals or humans (GE-Lunar Prodigy)

Nicholas T. Bello, Ph.D., Neuroendocrine and food intake Team Leader – Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Rutgers

Lipids – See expertise at the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research (RCLR), NJ IFNH under direction of Dr. G. Carman.