Health and Nutrition Test Services

New DEXA machine

Health and Nutrition Clinical Services

We test all adult populations, and specialize in those who want to become healthier and who  are at risk of obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis.  These tests will are aimed to help you meet your goals to be healthier through nutrition and disease prevention.

NJ Obesity Group

Body Composition Use the only gold standard in medicine to measure what your body is made up of to estimate risk of disease using DEXA.  We will measure your body muscle and fat plus the amount of high risk fat (visceral) that predicts cardiovascular disease and diabetes (35 min) – $138

Body composition and Bone Density – this measurement will determine fat, visceral fat (that increases risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes), muscle and bone.  The bone measurement includes your osteoporosis risk at the hip and spine (50 min) – $158

Energy requirements (1 hour; indirect calorimetry to assess resting energy expenditure) – Measures your energy needs over a day and determines if your metabolism is slow or normal to estimate your daily calorie needs – $90

Personalized Nutrition counseling (45 min; submit food record ahead of time) – Discuss your personalized nutrition and health goals with a registered nutritionist/dietitian. $85

Meditation counseling (30 min) learn how to relax with trained counselor – $50

Lifestyle counseling (30 min) (general nutrition and health session) – $50 

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New DEXA to measure fat, muscle and bone